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    nix is leaving for a few months, so i am taking over!


    ~ • S U N F L O C K • ~
    I know this still needs a bit of work.
    • All BYC rules apply
    •The usual RPing rules also apply here, no gore, be realistic etc.
    •The chicken must have a warrior name

    The Flock Code:
    1. Do not kill the innocent
    2. All chicks must be kept safe, no matter what flock they are from.
    3. Protect your clan with your life.
    4. If there is little food or water the priorities are: Leader, Elders, Chicks, Queens, Apprentices, the others must share what is left.
    5. The leaders word is law.
    6. Prey is to be killed only for eating.
    7. The elders hold the knowledge of the flock. Look up to them and learn from them.
    8. First mates(the leader's mate) can help the leader rule, but more or less, should keep out of trouble.
    9. Any spies caught working for other clans will be killed. And if they run away, they must be hunted down.
    10. The council must be guarded during a meeting.

    BlackSun code

    being worked on

    User name:
    which clan are you joining:
    Breed: *dont need one*
    Short Sentence about him/her: *need it!*
    ^ this is the joining form!


    Scarlet and bloodwing has left, Brownstar passed away, a new leader is to be chosen, but the leader must be of Blacksun blood, and there is only one hope, but who?

    The Honorable Feathered Organization(HFO)
    This is an alliance of birds. Birds from this organization cannot hurt each other, and they must help out in times of need. If you do break either of these rules, you will be shunned. Anyone can RP as these. Other birds in this organization include:
    Sylvia: White Peahen. Mate of Durabo.
    Durabo: Emrald peacock. Mate of Sylvia.
    Erndace: Rouge white leghorn rooster.
    Sally: Leader of the doves and pigeons of the abandoned shrine. White dove.
    Igrane: Japanese fantailed pigeon hen.
    Fervermor: Homing pigeon. Father of MoonShadow. From the shrine.
    Daisy: Black dove. Mother of MoonShadow. From the shrine.
    Dion- A white Fantail pigeon cock with a cream-tan colored tail. (hen)
    All other doves and pigeons of the shrine are in the organization.

    The Tunnel Systems
    There is a series of tunnel systems that run all the way out to all of the clans. They also connect with Red's tunnels.

    The ranks:
    Leader: The highest rank of the clan. Their name must end in -star.
    First Mate: The mate of the leader.
    Deputy: Second in command. They help the leader and are next in line to become leader unless the leader uses BlackSun code 3.
    Healers: In charge of healing birds. They also are the ones who talk with StarFlock. They cannot have mates or chicks.
    Warriors: They go out into battle and fight for the flock. When not in battle, they train, help out the other ranks and gather food.
    Guards: They are in charge of making sure everyone stays safe while they're at camp. Guards must do night shifts.
    Slaves: Birds that break the flock code may be forced to become slaves. The slaves do a lot of work and get little food.
    Poison Masters: They are the ones who poison other clans. They poison waterways, food stores etc.
    Spies: It is their job to gather information from other clans. Spies must be hatched in the clan(With the exception of MoonRose). They must also be bantams or at least smallish. No meat birds.
    Broodies: Hens with eggs or chicks.
    Chicks: Chicks under the age of 6 moons.
    Apprentices: Chicks over 6 moons. They are learning how to be a healer, warrior, spy etc.
    Eggs: Fertilized eggs.

    Leader~ unknow...
    First Mate~ OPEN

    Deputy~ HeartSong: *Working on description*

    Main Healer~ RedSky: RedSky was born and raised in SunFlock. She is a sweet hen, Being a red serama, she is small, but makes sure everyone sees her.

    I(1) (owned by NixNoodleNumbat)
    Leader~ HeartSong: *Description being worked on*

    Healer~ RedWind: *Description being worked on*

    Poison Master~ BlackThorn: *Description being worked on*

    Spy~ MoonShadow: *Description being worked on*

    Warrior~ SilverGem: *Description being worked on*


    Leader~ ScarMouse: ScarMouse is the oldest of all the birds in SunFlock, but also the wisest. His past in wars kept him in tiptop shape, but very coldhearted to other birds. Most birds have to earn his trust. Being a large fowl Old English Game, he is very brave and fiesty in battle.

    Poison Master~ SpiderWeb: SpiderWeb is a black, lanky Rhode Island Red cross rooster. He has a short temper, but when he is happy, he great to be with.

    Healer~ MooseFlower: MooseFlower is a big, burly hen, outsizing most birds, but she is very gentle and kind. She is better at poisoning than healing, but would do her best in both skills to gain the trust of ScarMouse.

    Warrior~ SilverCrown: SilverCrown is a small Serama cock. He is the son of ScarMouse, though not very fond of his father. He became more close to MooseFlower. His name fits him well, being a silver rooster with a large comb.

    Spy~ RedLion: Being a large fowl cochin, she is very sweet, but when upset, she is your worst nightmare. She is a lovely red color, with a small red comb and wattles.

    III(3) (RPed by Zinnia-Hen)

    Leader~ Timberpath: The leader of his SunFlock group and a warrior. He is a handsome Barred Rock Easter Egger cross, with ember eyes, barred feathers with a hint of shining green and ginger, a huge tail with a mix of both barred and green feathers, spurs like a Sumatra, and an interesting comb. The rooster's wing is flecked with gold. His legs are very powerful and a good advantage during wars. Though a giant, he is very gentle and calm with his group and others. Timberpath had a hard, long history with a far away clan that treated him like a slave since he was hatched. He escaped as soon as he was made an apprentice, nearly taking his life with him, and met the loner and poison master known as BloodEye. The rooster took him under his wing and taught him to be the warrior he is today. They eventually met up with the others in their group, who were all loners and rogues at the time.

    Spy~ SickleTalons: The spy of her SunFlock group. She is a tiny Wheaten Serama hen who usually holds herself in a tall position with her tail straight up and her wings vertically down. Her feathers have the usual wheaten base with a few black specked feathers, black underwings, slightly darker hackles, and a large black tipped tail. Truly a beautiful hen. When engaged in battle she is very agile and good at puzzling her opponents with her speed and sharp claws, often seen as a mere blur when moving to attack. As a chick, she escaped from the wreckage of a Fed-Ex cargo plane after it crashed not far from the runway, spliting open her box when shipped from her breeder with three other chicks. Her siblings didn't survive, as something crushed their side of the box. Very carefully, she slinked out of the scene and ran into the forest where she was raised by a few mistaken wildbirds who taught her to be as sly and cunning as she is today. After she was done being cared for by her foster parents, she met up with her current group as the last member. From being with the wildbirds during her childhood she has an accent, but can speak with the chickens fluently.

    Poison Master~ BloodEye: The poison master of his SunFlock group. A gigantic, muscular standard sized Buff Cochin rooster. His hackles and back are slightly darker than his fluffy undersides, and his feet are heavily feathered. Pointed spurs poke through his feathers, and he has a large red comb and set of wattles. His beak is a pearly tan. He has a large bloody scar on his right eye that tore his sight from it, leaving his eye with a huge claw mark across it that bleeds every once in a while, leaving him pupiless. BloodEye recieved this from a fox attack when he was a cockerel and raised as a loner. Thankfully, no one died and he made it to poison master-hood and set off on a journey of his own where he met Timberpath and trained him. He is quiet and doesn't talk much, causing most outsiders to believe that he is mysterious or a spy of some sort.

    Healer~ SnowLeopard: The medicine chicken of the group. She is a white frizzled Polish hen with a crest that covers everything but her small beak. Her feet are little and black and her claws are fairly blunt. The hen doesn't see very well, which is why she decided that she wouldn't become a warrior. She is an amazing medicine hen and can heal even the worst of wounds. A very smart bird. She used to live in a clan but left after she felt like it was too boring for her. Joined with Palemoon after they met in the woods and eventually found their group.

    Warrior~ PaleMoon: A warrior in her group. She is a huge, Silver Laced Wyandotte with spurs that are fairly large for a hen. She is a very skilled fighter. Palemoon was born in the wild from her two feral parents and joined SnowLeopard after her sucessful warrior training. Though the hen is friendly, she is short tempered and very hot headed.


    Leader~ RiverStone: A blue American Game Bantam hen. She is very fiesty on the battle ground. Her voice sounds a bit like that of a chick.

    Healer~ AutumnChill: Golden Chocolate Orpington hen. She is a tad bit on the sassy side, thinking she is smarter then everyone else, until WaterStar came in. She still has the scar over her right eye from losing a fight against the young leader.

    Poison Master~ ClimbingIvy: A black rooster with a slight green tinge who is very cool to be with. He enjoys eating wild roses and testing poisons on slaves.

    Spy~ HawkTalon: HawkTalon is an annoying new warrior. He is very bossy, having been spoiled by his foster mother and getting nearly everything he wanted. His blood mother was killed by a hawk and the same thing would have happened to him, had a passing hen not saved him. He wears a long scar on his right wing from his near-death experience.

    Warrior~ SunParched: SunParched is a buff cross hen of some sort. She is okay to be with, but most members don't like her since she is very talkative.


    Leader~ mourningrose: choosen by brownstar before she died. she was left in the fores to died but was save by mourningrose, she is pure black, skin and all

    Healer~ SilverRose: She is one of the oldest members of SunFlock, almost ready to be a Elder, but her her ablity to heal is very well known. Being a silver laced Cochin, she is very sweet and kind, but she can be deadly if messed with.

    Poison Master~ SnakeVenom: SnakeVenom is an old rooster who knows everything about poison. He found SunFlock as a young warrior and fell in love with BrownLeaf, who took a mate before he could ask to be hers. This is the reason he is coldhearted to everyone but BrownLeaf, hoping to some day win her heart.

    Warrior~ CatRat: CatRat is the son of BrownLeaf. He is very stubborn, but will follow orders when told to do so sternly enough. His father is unknown. He is more like his mother, having the bulky size of a cochin and deadly spurs.

    Spy~ RedDeath: His name fits him well, for with his big red RIR body and his sharp spurs, he can bring death to anyone. He is scarred up from battles. He would tell stories about each one, driving most of the chicks insane, but they love him for his playfulness.


    Leader~ CheetahRose: A mottled Chabo hen, is very stately, but can be down to earth, every blue moon .


    Leader/Poison Master~ AshenHeart:
    Warrior~ Rosebud: A bantam-sized black australorp hen who is afraid of most roosters larger than her, unless one of her friends are around. She is very energetic and loves to catch and eat fish. She is also eager to learn, and a good flier. RoseBud came from WingClan with her mate and chicks. (NixNoodleNumbat)
    Guard~StoneWing was born in Ireland but moved to the USA clans, knows the leader's mate, bloodwing. he is very loving and kind to his mate, but also loyal to his clan, is a red OEG.(miss heny)




    LionChick(formerly LimeChick)


    they guard the land while the groups are gone, few leave the land

    Feverborn- Welsummer cock. Came to Sf as a paw from a small wandering band. His neck is wreathed in black as opposed to the usual pattern and his tail speckled forest-green. Trained to fight, metal tipped spurs are ever ready. (gerbil)

    ShadowClaw~ is a handsome Rooster,who have unusually long claws and sharp claws too.His beak is razor sharp though,it doesn't look like it would be.His eyes are a pale blue color,which are unusual.His feathers shine a iredescent blue and green.He is Nice,Feirce at times,trustworthy,loyal,and kind-hearted.He is a loyal and hard-working rooster to his clan.He will protect his leader with his life and his clan. (Pekinduck<3er)
    To be written

    StarFlock(dead birds)

    (They are all RPed by ChickieBooBoo unless stated otherwise)

    Nightstar- A dark black hen with a gray stripe down his face and a long, ragged scar down her side

    First Mate:
    Hawkheart- A large, broad-shouldered, dark brown rooster with a long tail, a scarred muzzle and long, curved claws

    Ravenclaw- A sleek, slender, black rooster with a tiny white dash on his chest(I just realized the Harry Potter reference! [​IMG])

    Frostwing- A fluffy white hen with blue eyes, small wattles and no comb

    Mallowtail- A light brown speckled rooster with amber eyes

    Bluewing- A blue-gray hen with thick, long feathers and a broad face

    Cloudtail- A snow-white rooster with a thick coat of feathers and round, blue eyes

    Amberheart- A long-legged, light grey hen with abnormally long, sharp claws

    Brightflower- A muscular, black and white hen with thick, stocky legs

    Spiderfoot- A gray rooster with black legs and feet and blue eyes

    Fallowtail- A light brown hen with blue eyes and soft, fluffy feathers

    Silverpelt- A pale, silver-gray rooster with amber eyes

    Blackclaw- A broad-shouldered, muscular, long-legged, smoky black rooster with a long tail

    Tigerheart- A sleek, dark brown tiger-striped rooster with a torn ear, a long, sleek tail, and amber eyes

    Poison Master:
    Cedarfoot- A dark gray rooster with white patches on his wings and back

    Swiftbreeze- A speckled rooster with a white chest and wings and yellow eyes

    Fleetwind- A swift, sure footed, pure white hen with large blue eyes

    Speckletail- A light brown hen with dark stripes down her tail. Mother to Flamechick, Briarchick and Berrychick

    Amberheart- A long-legged, light grey hen with abnormally long, sharp claws. broody with Sandchick, Rainchick, Icechick and Stormchick

    Flamechick- A tiny, ginger cockerel with short, pudgy legs and green eyes

    Briarchick- A dark brown hen with faint white lacing on her chest

    Berrychick- A cream-colored cockerel with a torn comb

    Bluechick- A blue-grey pullet.(NixNoodleNumbat)

    Sagepaw- A fluffy white pullet with a long, sweeping tail

    Daisypaw- A light brown pullet with dark ginger patches and blue eyes

    Darkpaw- A large, lithe dark gray-black cockerel with dark black stripes and yellow eyes

    Mosspaw- A black campine cockerel with flecks of silver and black eyes.(NixNoodleNumbat)
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    Echostar- A huge, handsome salmon Faverolle rooster with a huge black beard, shining golden hackle and saddle feathers, black underparts, a white dappled green-black chest, a red-mohogany back, hints of green and white on his wing, and a beautifully arched green tail. His comb is huge and bright red. He is very muscular and can outwit most of his opponents with both strength and intelligence. Echostar's feet are very large, his spurs being giant and hooked at the tips. The rooster is a gentle giant and will only fight if provoked as he likes to lead his flock as a good group of birds.

    First Mate
    KestralWing- She is a gorgeous hen, her feathers being a gold-brown under her shining black lacing. Her dark brown, nearly black hackles are dashed with gold and she often keeps her tail held high. She has a small crest that sweeps back along with a fluffy beard and muffs, her face barely peeking through. KestralWing is full of wisdom and very friendly, being considerate of others feelings. She is kind to those less fortunate than her and loves to donate. However, she is a cold blooded killing machine when engaged in battle and shows no mercy against enemies.

    Rivertear- A tiny, though very youthful cuckoo Silkie hen with a very slender body and huge eye covering crest. Fluffy is a good word to describe her as. She's as sweet as can be and would never inflict any harm, unless provoked. A trained medicine chicken. She used to live with a group of rogues until she came across RavineFlock, soon becoming exalted with them and moved up to become deputy after the former one was killed.

    Ambassador & Other Diplomats
    AzureMist- A Polish crossed with a mystery red pyle chicken. His hackle and saddle feathers are a deep orange red color, the saddle ones hanging long. A section of his wings are the same color, though throughout most of the area they're a creamy white with a hint of orange-red to them. His chest is also cream colored with the hints of orange, being very robust and standing tall. AzureMist's tail is white and held very high, while his large comb is a buttercup with two bright red wattles. The rooster's eyes are of deep ember. A very strong bird. When a young hatchling, his flock was raided by a large group of thugs, killing everyone but him. Once he crawled from the wreckage he crossed the border of RavineFlock and met up with a border patrol. He has grown into a great addition for the flock and was eventually promoted into being the flock's very own ambassador.































    Poison Chemists


    Slave Master
























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    ~The Tunnels~

    The tunnels lead to many places, and are mainly ruled by two groups, the cannibal neon color silkies (dont ask how they come to be, i got bored one day and made them up [​IMG] ) which are evil, and Safe Haven. Safe Haven is like the only place safe for traitors, if they get by the Silkies of course. Save Haven leaders are voted in every 12 moons (a year) and it has a council that it members are voted in every 6 moons (6 months). members of Saven have names like "loner" and such, will the Silkies to warrior format names like "bloodysong". The silkies group is called Neonclan (i think all of you can guess why [​IMG] )



    leader~Hungrystar: a big fat neon red silkie rooster who had to waddle to get around

    Deputy: OPEN

    med bird *they can have chicks in NeonClan*: OPEN


    slowrunner~ a slow running neon green silkie rooster

    quickeater~ quick at eating and is neon purple silkie hen

    Safe Haven

    Leader *voted in every year*~ Brightone: leader of the Safe Haven for 2 terms he trying to get a third term

    all 5 spaces OPEN


    Lilyrose~ a deceitful and pretty hen that will kill any one if bored, she is a RIR bantam

    Police force~

    *work on later*


    *work on later*

    Shops and the shop owners~

    *work on Later*

    Searchers *they look in the tunnels and protect the Safe Haven entrance*

    *work on later*
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    Quote:you may close other one now [​IMG]

    wow 0-0 the first RP given up with out drama 0-0


    No, that was Asmalp, another one of mine.
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    Quote:you may close other one now [​IMG]

    wow 0-0 the first RP given up with out drama 0-0


    No, that was Asmalp, another one of mine.

    oh [​IMG]
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    No, that was Asmalp, another one of mine.

    oh [​IMG]

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    Nevermind. I can't run another RP, too time consuming.
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