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Would you like to see the members pages section of articles broken down into subcategories?

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Jan 18, 2008
There are a bunch of hidden gems in that section.

Yeah, I’m noticing that even just going through the first page or two haha

And I definitely see what you mean. It would likely be a lot easier to sort through them if they were in categories.

But then again at the same time they are in that section because they don’t fit in any of the categories in the LC, right?

So it might be kind of hard to come up with categories for them and/or kind of defeat the purpose of that section being kind of a random catch all thing.


There are soooo many articles in there that there definitely should be some sort of organization.

I think maybe they didn’t anticipate there being so many articles or even members when they made the site? And it worked well then when there were less members but now I think it definitely needs some sort of update.

But that said, I’m not sure putting categories in that section is necessarily the answer.

I think maybe they should add more categories to the learning center? That way some of the articles could be moved there. I think that would be a good option. Especially since it seems there are some common themes.

Maybe add a category for roosters or free ranging or coop design or something.

That said, it also seems some of articles could fit in existing categories so maybe go through some of them too.

Sorry for the novel. :lau :oops:

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