007 Racoon strikes again.


10 Years
Sep 24, 2009
NorthEast, In
Spent last Thursday fortifying the fence where I thought he was getting in. Set a live trap with some eggs in there for bait. Nothing Friday or Saturday. Let the door open because I saw no foot prints...figured it moved on. Well this morning when I came to school I found two girls dead with all the breast meat gone. There is one last option on how he is getting in. There is one tree in the run where the cover net is around it but not tight to the tree. I figure he is getting up another tree going across and comming down.
My last resort...hunting with a 22.
I have eggs hatching this week and need to get this fugured out or these might be easy prey.
Sorry to hear of your troubles. Racoons are a pain. I love your thread title though. It sounds like you're handling this with a good natured view. I hope you can get it figured out before the babies go into the run. Good luck!

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