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will half a degree make that much of a difference in the hatch rate or developement of eggs in an incubator? i've got a hovabator thats on its maiden hatch and the temp floats between 99 and 100. so if 99.5 is where it should be, will i just have a early hatch? i don't want to tinker with it too much while the eggs are in there.
My 1588 was constantly on the high side. Only hatched out 12 chicks in hatch 1 and 12 chicks in hatch 2.

They hatched out two days early and most didn't hatch.

Next time I'm going to get more thermometers and get it settled at 99... I'd rather be on the low side.
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If I could just keep my temps between 99 & 100... wow.
Mine fluctuate between 89.7 & 100.9 - my eggs still hatch. Remember... a broody hen will get up off the nest, move eggs around, etc. An egg under a hen is not at a constant temp & hens usually have great hatch rates!
As long as you don't fry them (102 or above for a while) then I think they should be OK.
well, the hovabator has been more stable than the lg's i had. i know they work for some people but my hatches were horrible....
I have not noticed my Brinsea to vary at all. I think I had it set a bit low since my eggs hatch a little late, but the temp was very steady. I did not notice even 1/2 a degree flux.

I use still air hovabators and my temps vary from 98 to 103 when I am not paying attention, and I get good hatches most of the time. I watch the humidity as close as I can, keep that around 50% and I put a scrap of wire mesh over the eggs and try to keep that around 101 with a walmart hygrometer thermometer setting over top of the egg level. I use auto turners usually. I keep as many eggs in the bator as possible to help keep temps stable. I don't open them, just look in with a little LED flashlight and only candle a couple times, usually around ten days and 18 days.

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