1/2 doz. Polish Eggs must ship Monday*SOLD*


Brook Valley Farm
12 Years
Mar 1, 2007
Sold! Thanks, Snugglepup!

6+ eggs, White Crested Black Polish (large fowl). Collected Fri/Sat/Sunday so they must ship tomorrow! I will include any extras that I collect tomorrow morning before I ship. $17 (shipping included) by PayPal only.

These are from show quality lines, but these birds are breeders and I have not shown any of them. You could hatch some nice birds, but I can't guarantee that you will hatch show winners. Please see my Polish page on my web site for pics. If you are interested, please email me at maria @ brookvalleyfarms.com (remove the spaces). I will get back to you first thing in the morning if I am not back at my computer tonight!

I have a lot of these guys cooking in my 'bator, and, at first candling, all are developing nicely so fertility is great!
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