1. Broody hen missing feathers...2. How to identify different birds.

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by henry19952, Apr 10, 2011.

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    1. I have a broody hen who has been setting for a little over a month (she wont get up). Today, I noticed large patches of missing feathers under her. I assume that this is ok?

    2.I have 7 almost identical Buff orpingtons. Is anything I can do to recognize them better? like some sort of color coded bands?
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    It is normal for broody hens to lose some feathers on their belly. I have heard that if it looks like the eggs are not going to hatch it might be a good idea to encourage the hen to leave the nest.

    I know what you mean about telling the difference between orps. I have 2 but their combs are different shapes. The chicken supply businesses have things like leg bands in different colors. Another idea may be marking them with a non toxic permanant magic marker (just not in red) and just keep refeshing the marks in the same spot. Maybe over time you will start to notice differences in a few of them. That is one reason I like getting a variety of breeds.
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    The bald patch is to keep the eggs closer to her body heat. pretty neat.

    I've also been wondering about marking my hens. I have three Margarettes. I'm thinking color coded leg rings once the flock gets bigger, with some sort of number management system to keep track of the different batches...Though I'm having trouble finding a good place to order from.

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