1 daredevil and 1 very cautious...FLYING!

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    May 15, 2008
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    Tallulah is showing more and more every day that she is definitely head pullet with excellent flight skills. She will fly several feet to get from my oldest son to me if I pass by and the distance she can go grows every day! She also hops on my hand whenever I go get her (except to go back in the brooder lol). What worries me is that Tallulah is taking a liking to going on my hand, up my arm, and roosting/standing on my shoulder. Why does it worry me? If she STILL insists on doing that full-grown! :eek: [​IMG] Tallulah remains the LOUDER more insistent one who will complain until she's tired (I guess lol).

    Sienna on the other hand is definitely the opposite. She's tentative, still doesn't hop on my hand when I go to take them out and is more quiet than Tallulah. Sienna also seems to get settled faster than her sister. She's still bigger in roundness but I think they are now both the same height. She too though is starting to take a liking to sitting on my shoulder. [​IMG]

    It cracks me up to watch them scratch, chest-bump, flit around chasing one another! Today Sienna is attempting to roll around in the newspaper and Tallulah's wondering what the heck lol! Just had to share ~ these Browns are amusing. [​IMG]

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