1 day old Muscovy duckling. need help


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I have 2 duckling Muscovys that need A mommy. Mom hatched 5 and is penned with other Muscovys. I separated them for the babies safety because one got killed. Then another...This is when I separated them. All seemed good but over night somehow another duckling was out from separated area and dead. I now have the last 2 in the house. Will a chicken momma. Or Pekin take the in? They are only a day old...and since I don't know which Muscovy is doing the killing I don't want to put them back in the pen. .and don't know which one needs to be removrd. There are 5 hens and 1 drake in that pen.
Depends on the hen, why don't you just 'be mommy' it's no different than if you say, bought them, get a lamp, feed set up a brooder. I had to do this one year when the dog got into the nest and babies hatched to soon, they needed my care, some stayed with mama others came with me. They did fine and are a pair of very healthy strapping boys now lol

I will also add if you have baby killers in there i would most definitely create a safer area if in future you intend to breed. My flock consists of many birds but not had babies gone at, if you have a bird like that, you have big trouble for future hatchings and integration overall.
I agree on the killer duck
.....needs to go if I can figure it out.
I have brought them inside and currently they are in a brooder that houses some month old guinea fowl....currently have 92 guineas in brooders ...60 just days old..
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