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Feb 14, 2018
I currently have 7 chicks in one 4x8 coop with an 8x12 run and of course I'm thinking of getting more. I'm wondering if it would be possible to extend the run and attach another coop to it for the new birds. Is this doable as opposed to building a new, larger coop to house the whole lot of them? Or is a third option to build a totally independent coop/run? What are your thoughts on these ideas?


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Nov 27, 2012
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In general 2 coops and 1 run can be a problem. They all want to stay together in 1 too small coop, or if they split there can be ongoing territorial and pecking order issues.
@lazy gardener wrote a post the other day that perfectly explained this, I should have bookmarked it.

I would mix your ideas.
Extend the run, keeping a separation wall and door,
and build a coop big enough for them all.
Then you could use the smaller coop for starting the next batch of birds in the future,
or for an isolation coop(broody, hospital, cock/erels,etc)
There are many different ways to manage and house birds, may depend on your long term goals for keeping chickens. I rotate mine thru, new chicks and freezer camp every year.

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How tall is your coop? Bigger is always better! haha

Personally, I like a coop that I can walk into, with chickens more space is better. I agree with AArt. One big coop/run is best, with a little one for other parts of the hobby is really fun.

If you are just getting started, my advice would be to wait... get these chicks raised up, see what you like, what works well in your current set up, what you don't like. I would advice spending some time on the coop page and looking at various designs. Seeing if you can find some that solve what you see as problems in this set up. Different climates, different types of birds need different things.

I keep a flock, and the birds move in and out of my flock too.

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Jan 21, 2018
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Hello. I have two coops going into one enclosed run that opens into an outside run. One coop is 4x4 and the other is 6x4. I haven't had any problems particularly with this. The hens split at night at some regularly sleep in one coop then sleep in the other. I'm putting a 6x8 coop up in the summer and using the smaller one as a isolation/broody coop. One single bigger coop will be quicker and easier to clean and maintain.

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