1 month old. Is this tiny guy a normal size for his age? PIC


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Apr 9, 2009
Okay is it normal for him to be this tiny? Pictured next to a beer can to judge size. He is 1 month old in this pic, half the size of his brothers and sisters and has quite a bit less feathering. I don't know his breed. I think he is a silky cross.

we have a chick that is smaller... sometimes they just fail to thrive ~ or ~ is there enough room in the brooder? watch and see if he's last in line or shoved away at dinner time.. if thats the case, I'd seperate him, with a few other small birds (they cry from seperation anxity) for a few days. Put him on poly vi sol without iron, generic is fine. and put some apple cider vinager 1 teaspoon in his water daily, it will help his body absorb the vitamins... he (or she) looks healthy! hope his helps!
Thanks. Yes he/she is soo cute. Do these little ones end up being tiny adults or do they catch up? I already have apple cider vinegar in the water but I will do the other things you suggested, thanks
Ours was small from the get go.. I got our chicks from a farmer, and Kam my seven year old grabbed it up and followed me around with it until I gave in to his begging. I wonder too if they'll be small as adults? Ours is gray also, and was in with all buff orp. babies. Yours is adorable! Good Luck!
lol, I didn't think until after that that might be a strange thing to use as comparison...BUT everyone seems to know what size they are!
Wow - I have a blind chick (blind chicks are usually half the size of their siblings) that is going to be 4 weeks old tomorrow and is way bigger than that. Could it be a banty?
I have a black sex link pullet that is half the size as her "sisters". I wondered the same thing, if she will grow up to be a normal sized chicken or if she will just be a runt.

She has the same feathering as her sisters but I have her in with the chicks that are three weeks younger and she is the same size as they are.

Who knows!

Your chick is just adorable!
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it does look like a silkie cross. I had some silkies so small I couldn't even put them with my other silkies, gave them to another byc'r because she had her bantys in this awesome indoor building. I was afraid to put them out! I think some are just smaller. I have some frizzles that didn't go out with the others when they were 6 weeks old, they are still in the house because they are tiny and I am afraid something will happen to them. As long as you see it eat and drink then I wouldn't worry about it. If it gets stomped on constantly I would pick the next smallest chick(for company) and put them both in a separate brooder. good luck
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Your little guy does look tiny. I have 4 EE pullets (now 17 weeks old). When I got them at six weeks they were all pretty comparable give or take a little bit. Then it seemed like the others were all growing like crazy, but one stayed to same size for many weeks (I really started to wonder about her). She was at least half the size of the others. Then she had a growth spurt and you wouldn't have known she was ever smaller than the others now.

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