1 month old Pullets vs. newly Hatched chicks. (also breed question)

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    Feb 2, 2013
    I am starting a new flock. I will have 4-5 hens and am trying to put together a small flock with different egg colors. One of the breeds I intend to add is a Barred Rock. I have a elementary school age son who is hoping for a friendly chicken and likes the look of the Barred Rock.

    Right now, one of the feed stores in town has a few 1 month old BR pullets for sale. My original plan had been to get all new chicks from a rival feed store in mid march.

    my question is: If we get the 1 month old pullet from the feed store do we significantly compromise our chances that the BR will be a friendly bird?

    Also, there are "Production Red" pullets of the same. age available. What is a Production Red?

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    Production Reds are mixed breed - hybreds for high egg production and lay brown eggs. One month olds can be tamed so they will be pets. BR also lay brown eggs. If you want to add other chicks in a month for green eggs? You won't be able to put them together until they are about the same size as the older chicks.

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