1 month old wyandotte pullet? red combs and wattle?


10 Years
Aug 12, 2009
Central MA
This is a 1 month old gold laced wyandotte from MPC. Ordered all pullets. She is the only wyandotte I have.. so it's possible that is just the way they look...
The other chicks I have are EE's, austrolorpe, and a white rock. They all have very pale combs... The wyandotte is also the smallest of them...


Sorry you've got a roo. I've got wyandotte pullets that are several months old that don't have that much red, plus the streakiness of his back feathers look like a roo.
I would say a roo. MPC has a 90% correctly sexed policy, they give themselves a 10% lee-way. You could call and talk to them they might work with you.
MPC has a 90% guarantee.
It says that you can't reliably tell gender till at least 13 weeks by wattle and combs.. he/she isn't there yet.. but I will be watching..

The order was 17 chicks- split w/ another BYCer.
I got 7, she got 10. I'll have to check in with her and see if any of hers turn out to be roos.
If mine is the only one then they are within their guarantee.

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