1 mth old duckling not growing...??

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by mybackyardgals, Apr 5, 2018.

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    I purchased these three ducklings March 10th. These are my first ducks I’ve owned so I’m still learning... I’m not sure about the type or exact age. I’ve kept them together in a nice size pen in my laundry room. Clean it daily. They get warm baths, treats and as much loving as they will allow, but... I’ve still got so many questions!!!
    One of them (he/she) was the medium size duckling when purchased but is significantly smaller then the other two now.
    Is he ok?
    They are still scared to death of me!! I’m quite around them. Squat down to not appear so big and try to hold them. Is it just their nature?
    They eat like crazy now!!! Should I be leaving them accesses to food 24/7 as I did the first few weeks?
    And... any idea what breed these fellas are??
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    Yes they need access to food and water 24/7 for the first few months. Or that is what I do anyway.
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    1: I don not know why there is a smaller one...maybe a bantam duck
    2: Some ducks are just scared to death of humans. Just spend lots I mean LOTS of time with them. Also give them treat, and remember let them come to you.
    3: Like what blayt90 said give them food 24/7 they are growing and need tons of it
    4: Look like ancona ducklings to me
    5: Good luck!!!:thumbsup
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    Two Drakes and a Hen I think...Ducklings grow at different rates..Ancona Ducks..

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