1 Muscovy duck with 4 chickens?

I don't know. I do know I have 2 'scovies and they wander about with my chickens while they free range, eat with them, too. But at night the chickens go into the coop and the ducks onto the deck railing.

Might be different if they were raised in the coop with the chickens.
I had to separate mine a while back because they just became too 'messy'
. mine all free range now but sleep in a fenced in area right next to the chickens at night. I never had any problems with them before but they weren't old enough to mate yet either...


aww... your 'scovies are cuute! It's weird seeing them with normal wings, my boy has a "Angel wing" I think its called, when a few of his feathers grow in funny and they stick out to the side...lol Love him all the same though

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