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6 Years
Jun 15, 2013
I have 7 duck eggs in the incubator. It is day 27 and one egg started pipping this morning. He/she seems to be progressing slowly but surely. My worry is, it is now 6pm and the rest of the eggs have not even started pipping (even internally). I would have thought they would all start to pip within the same day? Should I be worried?
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I would try to not worry 28 days is just a guide line to go on there are no set rules when it comes to incubation. You just have an early pipper all eggs are different. Your early pipper may now encourage the other eggs to start pipping. Good luck with your hatch.:fl
Thank you. Going to bed now. Hopefully when I wake up, the 1 pipper will have made more progress and not die in the night
. Praying that the others will have started pipping by then!
I hate not being able to lift the lid to make sure there are none in there that have died so I can take them out. I don't want them to contaminate the others. I also don't want to "shrink wrap any by opening the lid. #Stressing. I don't know why I put myself through this lol.
These things are sent to try us!! I am of the the thinking what will be will be now and what isn't strong enough to hatch are generally not strong enough to live or become weak birds in your flock. As long as your sure you have done everything you can, you can do no more than hope they hatch it's up to them now. I'm the same with opening but I have a very strict rule for myself and every one else in the house DO NOT OPEN THAT INCUBATOR. I'm also sure you will put yourself through it again I know I have because it's all worth it when you see the miracle of them hatching then chirping in the brooder. Keep is posted on your hatch and try to have good nights sleep.:caf
Haha YES! You are exactly right and I have done everything correctly for a month now so it is now up to them and what will be will be. I started with 17 eggs. I will be devastated if there is only one but one is better than none. This has happened before and I always beat myself up thinking, did I do something wrong? I think what you said is exactly right though
I will keep you posted tomorrow. *Deep Breaths*
P.S. Do they normally start pipping on day 28? I thought they generally were hatched by day 28‽ It is a relief to hear that that number is just a guide. When I put them in for "lock down" on day 25, when candled just prior, there were definitely 4 of them that were moving and healthy looking. The others were questionable but they may have just been resting and no one was stinky at the time and all seemed good to go. Then I noticed a stink coming from the incubator on day 1 of lock down. So as suggested by an experienced BYC'er, I quickly lifted the lid just enough to take the stinkies out. According to my thermometer, the humidity and temp was not effected. It still stinks in there now but I'm thinking it is just left over stink from the dead ones that have now been taken out. I am not opening the lid again. I am so scared I shrink wrapped the others when I had to take out the stinkies ugh. So if this pipper is hatched and ready to come out of the incubator, do I open the lid even if the others are still in pipping phase or just leave him/her in there until everyone is out and fluffy? So many questions. Thanks so much for all of your help. I sincerely appreciate it loads. xoxox
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It's all just a guide with the pipping and hatching. They can pip bit early or you may find you have a few that pip tomorrow on day 28. Or you may have some bit later. I think you did the right thing with removing the smelly eggs I would have done the same. I leave the chicks in there for at least 24 hours your hatched chicks will encourage the other eggs to hatch they chirp at each other in encouragement. You may find then that your hatch quickens up and they start popping like popcorn. Glad to help no probs.:highfive:
Well, the one pipper made it out okay. The eggs made no progress over night and it was stinking again so I checked them and they're all dead except I could see and feel some movement in 1 of them. Hopefully this one will make it.
At least I got one healthy one. 1 (maybe 2 ) out of 17 isn't very good statistics though
. I think I am going to invest in a proper incubator and see if that makes any difference.
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Glad the pipper out ok and hopefully he will get a friend. I'm sure it's nothing you did there are so many factors that can cause them not to hatch. Investing in a good incubator is a great idea I did that and my hatch rates went up to 90-100%. I started out with out a cheap Chinese one that was all over the place with temps etc. the first hatch I did in it I got nothing I had cooked all the eggs. The thermostat was all wrong. I gave up with it in the end because it was so disappointing all the time. I took the plunge and spent a bit more on a Brinsea octagon advance with humidity pump and I havnt looked back. I would highly recommend a Brinsea to you. I know they are more money but well worth it. And also you can start with just the incubator and add things like turning cradle and pump at a later date so it's not quite one big hit in the pocket all at once. Good luck with your last egg hope it hatches ok. :hugs

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