1 roo to 1 hen?


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Aug 7, 2012
I have 2, 6 month old d'uclle milles -one is a cockeral and the other a "hen". They have been living together very nicely in the same coop since they were babies; I have 3 Amber Link hens next to their coop so he can see all 4 hens at the same time (the bantams didn't get along with the Amber links, so they have a separate, but close, coop). I didn't know if having one only hen to his access-when they aren't free ranging- would create an issue. I haven't seen him be aggressive yet, but he is still young. He has been crowing for about a month, and the banny "hen" hasn't started to lay yet.

What are your thoughts about keeping this love couple together? Ultimately, I would like to incubate some of her eggs this spring, to bring in some more hens for him.

I try to let all 5 birds free range together for at least a few hours a day, that way they can all stretch their legs, and the banny's have some more space, if need be, to do their own thing.

They'll probably be fine, having grown up together. I have banty cocks and hens and standard cocks hens and in my opinion, the banty cocks are more relaxed with their sexual urges and are nicer to their girls. A young "hen", BTW, is a pullet. =)

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