1 to 2 week old chicks going into the coop with chicks that are 4 weeks older

what did I do

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Apr 10, 2012
I just hatched some chicks out this weekend and I have to go on vacation in 2 weeks. I need to put these chicks out under the brooder before I leave. The other chicks just now turned 4 weeks old. I will be selling 20 of the older chicks about the time I put the little ones in the coop. I will pile some brush in the corner and I have the brooded off now encourage the older chicks to roost. The brooder is open on the bottom so the chicks can run under it when needed. I'll lower it to keep the bigger chicks from using it.

There are pics on my page. I don't know how to repost them here from my page. The brooded is a little confusing because its so old. It is kind of like a big top tent.

What do you think?

I should add that the coop is @ 12×12, there will be 60 older chicks and 23 younger chicks. As soon as we put the fence up the chicks can go outside.
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I took the little chicks out to the coop today and decided it wasn't going to work. The older chicks are just too busy for the little ones. A friend said she would brood them until we get back.
I have some 9 1/2 week old chicks and some 5 1/2 week old chicks that I am trying to mix, and while the girls are pretty nice to the new babes, the one Roo I have in there is trying to kill the babes. Im trying to expose them to eachother through fencing, and have been for almost two weeks now, but he just wont warm up to them. Id keep your younger ones out, just like you decided, LOL Have fun on vacay!
I sent the chicks to a friends to brood while I was gone. I'm home and the chicks no longer need brooding. I brought home the ones we want to keep and we'll sell the rest this week. I have the chicks in the coop with the other chicks that are 3 weeks older than them in a cage. I will leave them in the cage 3 days or until all looks well.

My next problem - I'm starting to free range the older chicks. The younger chicks won't be ready to free range for a little while yet.
All mine have since integrated nicely as well. Took some time, and a few pokes at the Roo when he was bullying the babes, and he got it real quick. For the free ranging, I used an XPEN to keep my chicks in the yard when I didnt trust them to wander off. You could set an XPEN up in the middle of your yard, and the older chicks will free range around them. Eventually, when you release the younger ones, they will already know where and how the others go about thier day.
There were a few we didn't sell so I brought them home. I stuck them in the cage for a day and turned them loose this evening at roosting time. The bigger chicks are free ranging and out all day long and the younger chicks stay in the coop or out in the run. I put a board up to keep the younger ones from going out the door but the older ones can come and go freely. One younger one crossed the board but got back in without getting lost. The things we do

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