1 week after hen attack Advice Needed on loneliness and reintroduction to flock

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    Oct 28, 2014
    Hi, I have 6 ex battery hens and one hen jumped the electric fence a week ago for a wander and came back with 2 puncture wounds on her back, a broken wing and huge gash above her wing. as soon as I moved her out the coup, the other 5 hens gathered around her and went to attack her. Ive moved her into an outhouse in a huge wooden crate with sawdust, blanket, cushion, food and water. The vet recomended not strapping her wing and using a blue spray on the wounds. A week on she is doing fabulous and has got rather used to her tuna sandwiches, fruit and nut platters and her nightly hot water bottle and paracetamol. Apart from looking like a smurf she is bright eyed, moving round, healthy poops and pees, her wounds have callussed over with no heat or redness around them.

    My main concern is her lonliness and how/when do I introduce her back into the flock. Ive heard about spraying them with vinegar before the intruduction but ive tried it before and had no luck. she just seems so lonely. ive never had a reaction so calculated on attacking from any of the hens ive kept before, they circled her and all went in together, horrid! I know its nature.

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    While she heals you could try giving her a mirror. As for re-introduction: can they see each other? If they can see, but not touch for a while that will help. Also, when i re-introduce anyone I do it at night. I just quietly slip in, plop them on the roost, and let them wake up like they were always there. I try to do these things on a weekend because I don't work and I can keep an close eye on them. The next day I try to feed them lots of snacks together so they can mingle while they scratch. Hope this helps.
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    I would wait until she is completely healed with no scabs or open wounds then spray where her wounds were with the blue wound spray. This should keep them from pecking in that area until she feathers come back in.If you can put her is a wire dog crate in the pen with the others and see if they can get used to her again without being able to attach her. Or perhaps wire off a section of the pen keeping her on one side and the rest on the other side. Give it a week and then at night move her onto the roost with the others. They should wake up and not even realize she hasn't been with them all along.

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