1 Week of Eggs and They're Still Small

Big Bubba

6 Years
May 19, 2013
I have 4 RIRs. I'm now getting 2 eggs a day. I'm holding my breath that 2 of them aren't roosters. I'm not sure, but 3 of them may be laying eggs because one of the hens was royally POed when I took an egg.

I'm slightly concerned about the egg size. The eggs have been very small. They've been on an all grain diet. Plus, they get a fair amount of tomatoes foraging through the garden. Should I look into changing their diet or is it too early to tell? If I change their diet what should it be?

Thanks in advance.
The first eggs are usually laid every day and a half to two days. They will be very small for a few weeks and "small" (if your lucky "medium") for a few months at least) you will get full sized eggs next spring.

If you are getting two eggs a day, chances are that they are all laying
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