1 year later...


9 Years
May 20, 2010
San Diego
well closer to a year and half, but who's counting? I wanted to post pictures of my coop right when it was being finished, and my coop now- mostly because the bougainvilla has grown over the coop and it looks so pretty

Besides the flowers, I have also moved my waterer from inside the coop, to a chicken "nipple" water bucket in the run. You can see more pictures of my coop from when it was first built on my page.

Last year:


Thanks for the comments

The flowers don't have any scent unfortunately, but they are very pretty and can handle the heat very well.

@gavinandallison- I was going to put hardware cloth around the bottom, but the girls are never in the run after dark, so they are safely out of reach of all predators in the coop, & during the day they free range the yard, where generally my pit/boxer mix is tied out- he keeps most day time critters away. You can't tell from the pictures but my whole run is buried 12" in the ground to prevent any digging.
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your coop is really cute!! BUT.... that vine is GORGEOUS!!! WOW!!!
I totally want one! haha! I don't think those grow in my zone, though. I'm planning on wisteria over my coop since it does pretty good in my zone. That is an amazing show piece you have there!
Is that heavy on the top, to weight it down at all? Looks GORGEOUS !!!!! Cute coop too:) I need something, but was told a grape vine might be too heavy??

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