1-year old Polish walking in circles, drooling and "talking" funny... Help?

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    Hi, This is my first post although I read the forums regularly.

    I have a nearly 1-year old Polish named Thelma and she's acting really strangely all of the sudden. She's running in circles, drooling and she's "talking" really funny with high pitched squeaks that are different than usual. Her breasts seems slightly bloated too.

    My chickens are free range and only cooped at night and they've been out and about and seemingly normal all day. Could it be something she's eaten? They all eat the same feed but when they forage, who knows what they're digging up.

    Please help with any advice, ideas, etc...

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    Hi and welcome to BYC. I guess I would start by catching her, and, with the help of another person, gently pry her beak open and look down her throat and in her mouth with a flashlight. Pull on her wattles to open her beak, or just carefully grasp upper and lower mandibles (beak) and carefully open her mouth. Look for foreigh objects, and also yellowish or whitish lesions in the mouth, or mucous, discoloration, anything unusual. Lesions can mean that she has canker. Also her breath should smell fresh and not foul smelling.
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