10+ Barnevelder hatching eggs


10 Years
Apr 8, 2009
Heart of Dixie
For your consideration, we have 10+ fertile Barnevelder hatching eggs. Our hen to rooster ratio is 4:1 and fertility has been 100% on test hatches. Bloodlines on these birds originate from TX and CT. Please feel free to ask any questions prior to bidding. These will ship on Monday 3/15/10 after paypal payment is received. Thank you for considering our Barneys!



My eggs from these birds are now on lockdown.
) 17 out of 18 developed and will hopefully all make it out of the shell in 2 more day...... Gorgeous eggs!

I don't know who you are but you are rude.. I have pointed out that these birds are not Barnevelders... and I would not have the first one at my place if it were free... you wanna support garbage and ruin a reputation of a very rare breed of poultry instead of actknowledge the facts here.
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Our Barnevelders are PUREBRED (not crossed with any other breed) . We breed for the standards in birds' appearance and consistent, dark egg-laying ability. Our birds are very calm and friendly and make wonderful pets. Anyone who is familiar with raising chickens is aware that no chicken meets the standard 100%. You chose from your "best" the qualities you want to carry to the next generation. Our goals for our barnevelders are to raise a docile, attractive, dark egg laying bird, not necessarily birds for contests or competitions.
The internet is full of "experts" on every subject. We are honest people who have placed accurate pictures and descriptions of the birds we have to share. Please bid accordingly.
Yohan in CT and a private breeder in Texas is where we got our Barney start 1 year ago! We love them and fertility has been thru the roof, we heard from a customer just today in Ga she received 36 from us a few weeks back and has 35 developed set to hatch Sunday. Thanks for your interest.....

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