10 day old chicken not doing well


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Aug 15, 2008
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Nothing notable for the first week. Noticed yesterday that it's not very active. All of the rest are up and moving around all the time. This one sleeps until disturbed, then goes back to sleep when the others go away. If I pick her up she chirps for a minute and then closes her eyes and lays in my hands. I don't notice her eating but she will drink if I dip her beak in the water. She doesn't seem to be holding her wings up either. All the rest have them tucked in, this one's just hang there. The rest have all about doubled in size, this one doesn't seem to have grown at all.

They were vaccinated at birth and I've been feeding them medicated feed.

Any ideas?
I just went through the same thing. Had to put the little thing down. I could see it was just not going to make it. Wouldn't eat or drink on it's own, acted just like you are explaining. Sorry...
Probably nothing, but I was told if I had the chicks vaccinated not to use medicated feed, that is they cancel each other out? if the rest are fine it's probably just the one has something wrong. Sorry
I would try feeding it separately, give it plain yogurt and scrambled or boiled egg smashed up. Also use a dropper to give it poly-vi-sol (without iron) vitamins, sugar water could help too. Also medicated feed will not cancel out vaccinations, that doesn't make any sense. Good luck with your chick! Hope it pulls through!
Babied her for a while and she finally started to eat. Seems to be doing better tonight. More active.

Couldn't get any of them to touch the boiled egg.

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