10+ duck eggs: Pekin, Rouen, Runner, mixed

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    Sep 14, 2008
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    10+ Duck eggs from my mixed flock of purebreds. I have 7 Pekins, 4 Rouens, and 2 Indian Runners. The Runner duck and one of the Rouen ducks are currently broody.

    The ducks have their own little 'cliques'; they usually stay in their own group. Group 1 is a Pekin drake with 2 Pekin ducks. Group 2 is a blue Runner drake with 2 Pekin ducks. Group 3 is a crested Pekin drake and a Rouen drake with 1 Pekin and 2 Rouen ducks.

    $8 starting bid plus calculated shipping and $2 for paypal and materials. Depending on your location, shipping could be anywhere from $6-$15. Use this link to calculate the shipping rate based on the Regional Rate 'B' box (2nd chart).

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