10+ Easter Eggers NPIP tested


Red Roof Hens
10 Years
Feb 2, 2009
Hamilton Ga
10+ Easter Eggger hens with Blue Ameraucan rooster. Eggs are blue/green Can not guarantee egg once leave my house. Check out my website to see more pics and the birds living arrangements redroofhens.com There is a Frizzle Easter Egger Rooster in these pen but I have not seen him do anything.
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I am not sure what you are asking but if the frizzle roo is breeding there would be a 50/50 of getting a frizzle but I really do not think he is doing anything yet he is young.
That is just the color the egg are going to be not the egg you are getting. The eggs in the pic are form the same hens but a different roo I lost my Frizzle roo a long time ago. I do have one of his babies but i do not believe he is breeding yet. I have not even heard him crow. I do believe they only roo doing the job in the pen is the Ameraucana

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