#10 Egg Developing Beautifully Plus 2cd batch update

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by FunnyBunnies12, Sep 23, 2010.

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    Well #10 is developing beautifully and filling in more and more each day, each passing hour it seems not that i candle every hour or day. But I'm seeing more of a shape and eye in #10! And A LOT of movement! I candled my 2cd batch today, day 4 for them, and so far 3 out of the 8 are a most likely developing duckling, the others are still questionable as to rather something will develop or if it's a blood ring, or nothing. I'm sure I will know more by Saturday/Sunday when I will see either distinct veins or the same old same old plain yolk. Momma keeps laying, she's up to 6 in the igloo, I'm incubating 9, had to toss 9, and 2 broke early on. So far she's laid 26 eggs and counting! I'm not going to take any away from her unless she stops laying but doesn't brood and they just sit and sit. As long as dad is mounting/mating her, I'm sure she'll keep laying. But #10 is my true pride and joy!

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