10 eggs from 1 hen in 24 hrs.

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by lynn katsis, Apr 23, 2017.

  1. hi, name is lynn, member since 2013, posted only 1 question, need HELP now w/2nd question: been raising 2-4 pet RIR chix last 15 yrs, have 2 nine mo old RIR hens now in coop, one making weird noises and staying in nest box now 24+ hrs., this AM found TEN full size fresh eggs under her, i ck every day for eggs, none there yesterday AM. what is going on? this is not a joke and no one would pull this on me, PLEASE respond asap, thx, Lynn
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    Sounds like she's broody, but can't quite figure out the egg deal. How many eggs a day have you been getting from them? Are they by themselves in their own coop?
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    Hi Lynn. I too agree that she seems broody, but the egg thing is very interesting. I know that broody hens can move eggs from one nest to another - but a full 10 seems like a lot of work (and unlikely). It sure is strange.

    I hope that someone else can shed some light on what's gone on [​IMG]
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    Hi, welcome to BYC! [​IMG]

    Agree... broody hen.

    Are the 10 eggs the same color? And you have only 2 nine month old hens now, so no other girls?

    It's the broody season here at my house and the girls are in full swing.

    If you don't want her to hatch eggs, we usually have to put our girls in a wire bottom cage known as a broody breaker. No bedding to discourage nesting behavior. Some girls will break very easy while other will spend 3 days on the wire floor. But if allowed to stay in the nest must sit more than 21 days. And if nothing hatches may continue sitting even longer. Of course not all experience will be the same. But I suggest breaking, otherwise you will not get any eggs for a very long time. Sitting time, plus chick brooding time, and then a little longer than that before coming back into lay. So not less than 3 months.

    Another option... adopt her some chicks in the middle of the night after confirming she indeed intends to brood. [​IMG]

    Best wishes!
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    I have two hens that will bury and cover their eggs with straw after laying in the same nest. I have to dig for them. It's like Easter egg hunting every day.
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    When a hen is broody, it's common for other hens to lay eggs in her nest box. It's best to put a date on them, so you know which are new deposits. I can't think of any way, she had 10 eggs, unless she had some hidden in bedding, etc. Are all the eggs the same color /size.? Broody's sometimes steal eggs from other hens but 10 could not appear over night.
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    One of my girls does a good job burying hers also. Even though it's in the box I will sometimes miss it. I don't wanna be digging around in bedding usually. [​IMG]

    I put dates on my hatching nests... but learned pencil becomes faded and hard to see when I accidentally collected a hatching egg and didn't realize until doing egg count under the hen the next day... Then had to find that egg and make sure it didn't go to someones' table! [​IMG] I will be using Sharpie for my next nest and hope it's easier to discern.

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