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Overrun With Chickens, from California's Redwood Coast

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    1. Sarah_2017
      continued from below 3 of 3...
      I will clean their hutch part of the coop this afternoon, so it is clean before they go to bed.
      Any advice on this would be great, if you have time!
      I've been meaning to update you in how well things are going, but, this is the first misshap I've had.
      Thank you thank you!
    2. Sarah_2017
      continued from below 2 of 3...
      Should I leave her with the others and treat all together?
      Or, separate her to treat her separately (preventing exposure to the others) and also treat the rest of the chicks with Buff.
      They are on clean grass in there chick brooder tractor coop outside.
    3. Sarah_2017
      Hi, EggSighted4Life! This is Sarah- you gave me great advice on how to introduce my chicks to my broody Buff a couple weeks ago.
      Could I ask for your advice again?
      I have a puffed up chick who I think has coccidiosis.
      How do you treat with Corid (amount/ length of time)?
      Should I give electrolytes and probiotics with the corid in the water too?

      1 of 3 (continued above ...)
      1. EggSighted4Life
        I am sending you a PM since space is so limited for a reply.
        Aug 2, 2017
    4. Wyorp Rock
      Wyorp Rock
      Congratulations on your Friend Award!
    5. casportpony
      Congrats on your friend award!
    6. MamaPenguin
      Just a quick note expressing my deepes gratitude for your lovely hospitality and fellowship! Jerry and I had the best time with you and your family! Have a wonderful week and please say hello to everyone for us!!!
    7. 3goodeggs
      Nice looking family!
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