10+ French Black Copper Marans Hatching Eggs


10 Years
Apr 4, 2009
Loganville Ga.

Fertility in these eggs has been very successful, the color of the eggs are good.

Accept Paypal at [email protected].

Ready to ship 1-9...will package and ship Priority Mail. I've had excellent results hatching these egg, usually better than 90% hatch rate, but due to differences in incubators, etc...cannot be responsible for hatching rate.
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I breed for egg color and conformation but not many of us have the perfect bird. That we all would like to have. Everyone has different ideas.

Thanks Ray,
They came for channing a friend of bought some out of a show about 3 years he moved and I kept the bird for him and hatched off of them.
I have been line breeding but the fertility had dropped. So I raised some roosters from the same line but not close to mind and the fertility has came back. the first pictures I had was the other rooster The picture that is on now is the new rooster I hope his comb is a litte better. I hated to change any thing because my egg color might change. Hoping to get a great all around maran.

I love being a part of BYC

Thank You Very Much,
Most people don't care about a minor flaw in a rooster, Marans are mostly bred for egg color. 98% of people who purchase Marans, want nice dark egg color, if you don't show them, WHO CARES! These eggs from these chickens are beautiful, I would love to have some of them.

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