10+ Gorgeous "Easter Egger" Hatching Eggs - NPIP


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9 Years
Feb 27, 2010
Foothills of NC
Up for auction are 10+ EE eggs. My stock is from a mix colored pen of Ameraucanas hence being Easter Eggers. All have pea combs and face muffs/bearded. They are laying a nice light blue, blue green to light greenish eggs. Great layers nearly missing a day! Fertility tested and shipped eggs hatching. These will be ready to ship as soon as auction ends. Please pm or email with any questions before bidding. Gladly accept paypal.

*Please note that I cannot and will not guarantee hatch rate due to circumstances beyond my control, ie: US Postal handling, your incubation techniques. We do handle them with the utmost care while here keeping them at a mild room temp and turning several times a day. We do our best to package for a safe arrival to your location. *

Parent Stock

A couple of the girls before they were laying

As chicks

Egg Colors - more vibrant in person, flash slightly washed them out

Offspring born Christmas Day (hatched 4 got 4 different colors!)
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