10 New RIR's Will they ley soon? Is this poop normal? PIC


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Aug 26, 2008
A week and a half ago I got 10 RIR's they are all 9-11 months but none have layed yet. I am wondering if anyone has any idea about when they will lay. They aren't even interasted in the nesting boxes. Is that normal? Also one of the birds poop looks like diahrea. Is that normal after a move? Thanks. WARNING: Gross Picture.

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Are you sure of their ages? Perhaps post a pic.

The moving can stress them enough where it can take a month to get going again. As for the poo, don't freak out yet. Keep an eye on them in quarentine and see if it is just one leaving the poo, or if you may be seeing the "cecal" poo of all the birds.
What is cecal? I believe it is just one leaving the diahrea like poo. I will try and post a pic sometime today or tomorrow. But I am starting to see it less and less.

The man i got the chickens from said that some are 9 months old and some are 11 months old but they are all of laying age. When I got them their combs and waddles were lighter than they should be and now they look like their they are starting to get a little darker. I just am so excited about getting eggs. I wish I knew when they were going to start laying for me.
I HOPE you find an answer to your poop question I have 5, 3 month old brahma chicks and they are pooping the same as your pic!
they have been fed though a variety of stuff like yesterday I let them out in the empty garden to peck and roll and they did eat the left over salad that isn't bad yet.
I don't know what you are feeding yours but mine were started back on chick starter because they were not given any medicated stuff when they were smaller and now they are on non medicated pullet grower it is hard to find medicated stuff here
I was worried it was the C word but all of them are happy and vibrant

my Silkies always seem to poop that way I don't know if it's normal for them or not? I hope we can find some opinions?

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