10 Nice, friendly Roman Tufted & Mixed Weeder geese need loving home

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    I have too many geese and need to find some a new loving home. These geese are not mean, only nip when you take their eggs. They are use to all kinds of farm animals and love dogs - some enjoy grooming them all day...... These are pets and want them to stay that way - not for meat or other things that may lead to their demise. They are very very very good at eating grass and weeds. Some may be mixed with Sebbie geese as they all run together. Most are white with blue eyes, one is brown and one or so have browns spots and 2 are pure roman tufted girls. Mixed sex flock. Just trying to cut back. Will trade for....... what ya got. Make offer..... Pick up only, can't ship.


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    Nov 19, 2011
    West Central, FL
    Where in FL??
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    I am in Keystone Heights, FL. [​IMG]

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