10 Peking Duck eggs (Crested)

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Apr 18, 2009
Hatching Pekin Duck eggs

Also, remember these Pekin's carry the gene for the crest. So you may get a crested Pekin like the one in the picture.

I have two drakes with 8 gilrs so fertility is pretty good. several of the girls are laying so the layers are seeing regular action..... All of my Pekins have the crested gene. One of the drakes is crested so you should have a good shot at getting crested chicks but I can not make that guarantee. I have some hatching now for the same hens and drakes you willbe getting your eggs from. I can not guarantee your hatch rate as due to too many circumstances that are out of my controll once they leave me. What I can tell you is you will get 8 plus extras if available nicely wrapped and shipped to you. I have never had a broken eggs yet. I just started listing on ebay for eggs a few weeks ago. (c feedback) I have been listing on another site.

I will ship USPS priority mail. Shipping is a flat rate of 12.95 to cover the necessary supplies to wrap and ship your eggs. I only ship within the 48 US States. I am not making money on shipping like others. Sometimes the 12.95 just covers the shipping. I simply charge for the shipping, and enough to cover gas to the post office and material.

Remember, shipping eggs is riskey, but I do take pride in my packaging. The box will also be marked fragile. If you want me to put something else on the box email me when the aution ends of what you want on it. Also, once the eggs leave me I can not guarantee your hatch rate or fertility rate when it gets to you. There are just to many things that can happen during the shipping such as bumping, knocking, dropping, heat, or mishandling of the package (by the Post Office employees), the possibility of having the package X-rayed, which they sometimes randomly conduct, or mishaps with your incubator that you use. I also put a lable on the box requesting the post office not do these things and they are hatching eggs.

I only ask, that feedback left reflects my packaging service and shipping time, not the hatch rate. Once feedback is left for me, I will leave feedback as well. I just want to make sure you get them safely. Also, these are duck eggs and duck eggs are dirty when collected. I do not wash them at all. I will brush them off only. I do not wash them. Sometime's they may have a little gift but I try to get everything off. :}

Please pay as soon as the auction is over. The eggs you get are the ones that I have at the end of the aucton. I do not collect when you pay. If you wait 5 days to pay, your eggs are now about 5 days old. The eggs are fresh and will be shipped Priority mail.

These eggs will ship out on Friday or today if you buy them today

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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