10+ Rhodebar Hatching Eggs


Nov 21, 2010
West Virginia
I have 10+ autosexing Rhodebar Hatching Eggs for sale for $35 including shipping. My flock came directly from Greenfire Farms and were hatched on August 13 2012. My eggs are a light brownish and consistently weigh over 50gms. These eggs will ship out Monday afternoon April 29th. I have checked fertility with a successful hatch of my own. If interested put SOLD on the post and send me a PM. I will pack them with care and hope that the post office respects the package. I leave it up to the individual to be sure that you can accept hatching eggs. Thanks for looking!
Are you still selling Rhodebar hatching eggs? I've been trying for a month to get my hands on a dozen or so.... Please let me know....

Thank you!

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