10+ Rhodebar Hatching Eggs


Pallet Queen
8 Years
May 18, 2011
I have been hatching these for a few weeks and have had great fertility and hatches.  Since I have had such good hatches and have quite a few pullets from the hatches I am now able to offer hatching eggs.  I will not have extras of the Rhodebars but I can send extras from some of my other breeds.  I got my pullets from a local BYC'er CarolJ and one from Papa Brooders birds and I have an unrelated Roo covering them from CPL  Chicks have been very healthy and hatch great.  My pullets lay brown eggs.

SHIPPING Hatching Eggs are a RISK.  Once the eggs are shipped they are out of my control.  Damage to packages during shipping are the risk of shipped eggs.  I take reasonable care for packing your eggs, just like I would want my eggs shipped.  (No special packing instructions sorry)  I offer no GUARANTEE on your hatch rate. By posting or bidding or buying you understand these terms. Shipping is $18 priority mail.
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