10 Thinks I have learned by owning chickens

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    Jan 26, 2008
    1. Roosters are lovable pains in the tush. Even the ones that attack you unexpectedly and cause you to really flip out. (ex. "drop the shovel ma'm and back away from the rooster".)

    2. The creator of Superglue used the same formula as chicken poop.

    3. You can never have too much wire or enough bungee cords.

    4. Modifications to the coop will never be finished. (Ex. rooster jails, hospitals, brooders etc.)

    5. Open a window or roll up a tarp to encourage thunderstorm development.

    6. Did I mention roosters are lovable pains in the tush? (ex. SIGN: Free Roosters!)

    7. Any surface, at any angle is open to being pooped on. The more difficult the surface is too clean... the greater the quantity and the runnier the poop.

    8. The more expensive and exotic the treat the greater the odds that they will be scared to death of it and hide in a clump in the corner of the run.

    9. Exact placement of roosts will guarantee the need to move them later. This also goes for nesting boxes doors and windows (much to Hubby"s dismay!) Addendum: If you build it... they will sit somewhere else. And poop.

    10. Again about the roosters... ( ex. SIGN: Roosters... Will pay you to take them!)

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    [​IMG] #7 would be repeated again & again on my list....

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