10 week old's Beak not lining up


7 Years
Feb 13, 2012
Jackson, WI (Southeast WI)
One of my 10 week old chick's lower beak is not lining up with its upper beak. I handle my chicks everyday and just noticed this yesterday. This happens to be in one of our more bigger daring chicks that attempts to fly out of the 6' high dog run. I'm thinking she may have taken a fall (??). I swear her beak used to be normal. Her beak is obviously not lining up although not grotesquely so... Just a little "off". She seems to be eating and not in pain. 2 days ago I put a scratch block in their area for the first time, otherwise nothing else has been changed/is new in their surroundings. Her roommates include 7other hens, 1 rooster, 2 Pekin ducks. What should I do? Is this something that may correct itself?
It's called crossbeak and it will get progressively worse until the bird reaches its full skeletal growth at 18ish weeks. It is a genetic condition that is frequently worse in subsequent generations, so this bird should never be used as breed stock. Because it went unnoticed until now, your bird is going to be very mildly afflicted which is very good. The more serious the crossbeak the more likely the defect is to be fatal. Sometimes you need not do anything, but deep feed and water dishes help more seriously deformed birds to scoop up their food and water.
Good luck.
Thank goodness she's going to be ok and it won't affect her too much. I was so worried about her not being able to eat. Doesn't sound like there's anything I can do except let her develop the way nature intended. If I'm wrong, please let me know. Thank you so much for the info.

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