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    Jan 5, 2013
    Morning all

    We keep a dozen chickens up at an allotment where there is no access to water supply.
    We have a 1000 litre container up there (sealed) like you see in the fields for cattle and sheep.

    Occasionally we can get this filled, (friendly neighbour - dragging like 200meters of hose and leave running for the day).

    However, we appreciate the need for fresh water for the chooks, and the water can sit in there for months, before its used.

    This doesnt seem right - the water doesnt smell when it comes out at all, but surely leaving in that amount of water for drinking is not good.

    Is there an additive we can add?
    or would you take up a little 25 litre every few days.

    Its just a bloody long walk, and the large container is perfect.

    Any ideas (and no, the friendly neighbour will not leave the hose plumbed up permanently coz I asked already :)

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