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Dec 14, 2007
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i got an incubator from a friend ,who got it from a friend. she's never used it . and it didnt come with instructions. it is square, styrafoam, with a window on top. it has an egg turner but i'm not quite sure if it works. but it does make a little noise and heat up when it's plugged in. can anyone give me the info needed to begin hatching. temp, humidity, turning, etc. i have a book that tells about the growth sages and what to look for. but that's about it. any help would be great. thanks, krista

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Feb 9, 2007
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If it is a still air(no fan) then your temp needs to be about 101.5 and humidity at 65%, til day 18. Open one of the vent holes til day 18. After day 18 take your eggs out of the turner and keep the lid shut, open the second vent hole your humidity must increase to about 70% at this time. Buy some quality therometers and a hygrometer. Make sure you get it adjusted before you place your eggs in.
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