10x10 area how many bales of shavings to start?


11 Years
Feb 27, 2008
This is for the "Quick Coop II" which will be a temporary home for 30-60 days while i build the real deal. I have put down a floor of cinder blocks so the shavings will be going on top of those. 15 birds to start. THanks
I think it comes in cubic feet, so you can probably figure the depth you want and just do the math. If you get more than you need, you'll probably be adding some every so often anyway, yes? If you are raising meat birds, they will mess it a lot more than other birds would, so you may want to figure in some extra in addition to whatever the math tells you.

Hope this helps.
My coop is 8x23 and I should have used 4 to start. I used two originally and needed to go back for 1 more, then one more again. My bales are 11.5 cubic feet loose and 3.8 cubic feet compressed according to the bag. You would probably need two of them for a 10x10 coop. I add mine as it gets thin to keep it deep.
no meat birds just RIR's but i dont know how deep to start it with.......
My coop is 8x10 for my flock of 16. I think I use about one of the cubic bales of pine shavings....... maybe one and a half to start out with. I like to stock up on them when I go to Rural King b/c they carry the cheapest and it's a far drives. I like to have bales available to put on my dropping shelf b/c I clean it off everyday.
Hope this helps!
I use more than most people would just to keep it about 4 inches deep for the deep litter method. It works well for me.

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