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11-01-12 awful day

Discussion in 'Family Life - Stories, Pictures & Updates' started by luluann, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. luluann

    luluann Songster

    Dec 28, 2012
    Not sure how to start this but I feel maybe someone else could help. I found out I was expecting 9-25-12. This was my 4th child. I was so excited. A baby, I love babies. Well I went to doctors appointments every 2 weeks. Well I was scheduled to go November 1st. They were doing a ultra sound. Well I made it down there and of course my van over heat and water starts boiling out. OMG really that really upset me. I had to go this day by myself. That made it better. Well I call a friend to come help me out when I got out. Well I thought I get to hear my baby's heart today and of course that made me felt better about my crappy car. Well I go in and sit for a short time.. I'm called back. Well they are doing the ultra sound. I'm waiting for a heart beat. Nothing. Then I got the strangest felling something was wrong by the way the nurse looked and acted. She told me she had to go get the doctor shed be back. I knoeright then

  2. luluann

    luluann Songster

    Dec 28, 2012
    My baby had no heart beat. It had died at 6 weeks. I didn't believe them. I ended up having surgery right before Christmas because I couldn't pass it. Sorry also my phone decided to send it before I was done. This is also the first time I spoke of this to anyone except very very few family and friends
  3. MamaRoo

    MamaRoo Songster

    Jul 5, 2011
    A ferry ride away, WA
    I am so sorry. A small angel came to visit you for a short while, but just couldn't stay. Nothing could make it better, I think, but hopefully time will make it easier.
  4. hennotrooster

    hennotrooster Songster

    Sep 16, 2012
    Hesperia CA
    I am so very sorry for your loss, as Mamaroo said your were given this special angel for a period to love a dream about. Prayers for you and your family.
  5. Bunnylady

    Bunnylady POOF Goes the Pooka

    Nov 27, 2009
    Wilmington, NC
    [​IMG] I'm so sorry to read this.
  6. TerriLaChicks

    TerriLaChicks Crowing

    Apr 23, 2008
    Central Louisiana
    [​IMG] so sorry to hear of your loss.
  7. newfoundland

    newfoundland Songster

    Jul 1, 2010
    I feel for your loss. I lost a baby at 10 weeks and it is devastating. My advice is be kind to yourself. Allow yourself to grieve and then concentrate on your other children. Your baby was loved and wanted, no matter how brief his/her life. Many babies in this world are not. Bless you.

  8. sourland

    sourland Broody Magician Premium Member

    May 3, 2009
    New Jersey
    You are not alone. [​IMG] We lost a child in early pregnancy over 48 years ago. Every now and then I still wonder 'what might have been?' [​IMG]
  9. Chic-n-farmer

    Chic-n-farmer Showers of Blessings

    I am so sorry for your loss. I understand the heartbreak. I had two stillborn sons (our first and third children). One died a week overdue and the other on his due date. We never learned why. "Cord incident" was suggested for our first boy.

    I know exactly what you mean about the nurse's face. I saw that same look on the doctor's and the hospital technician's.


    You will never forget this, but the pain will ease over the years. You can still have a good, happy life.

    I wish I had magic words to help you through this, but I don't. I just know what it is like to mourn the loss of a child...all the hopes and dreams of a lifetime.

    God bless you.
  10. theoldchick

    theoldchick The Chicken Whisperer Premium Member

    May 11, 2010
    How sad. Very sorry you have to go through this.

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