11 4H Cornish Game Chicks Free Kansas City MO Area - 1 Week Old today


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Mar 1, 2008
These had a home when we started the egg hatching project, but the family just had a baby and is a little overwhelmed. And in the mean time I've ordered new chicks that are coming Thursday, so they need a new home fast! Please let me know if you have any questions.

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"Cornish game" is sometimes another name for cornish X meat chickens, if that's the case, they are white, if not, well I tried
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I live near KC but can't take them for you. I have an idea to help. Call Goode Feed Store in Stilwell KS at 199th and Metcalf. Ask Donald Goode for the number for Chicken Bob in Cleveland, MO. He helps find homes for chickens.
These are all yellow chicks and were large to small egg size (not bantam) before hatching. Thanks for the contact in Cleveland, we're actually going there tomorrow. If anyone is interested, please let me know, they haven't been rehomed yet!

Actually they look exactly like the White Laced Red. I had noticed that they have a slight orangish red area on the back of their necks, but are all yellow in color otherwise. Thanks for the link.

I received an email from the hatchery (it was in the bulk folder, sorry for so many posts), he says they are Cornish Cross.

Are they shippable once they are this old? I thought the reason they could ship newly hatched was because they lived off the yold for the first 4 days if necessary. If there is a way to ship them, I'm game!


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