11 Week EE- pullet?

(Wow I feel stupid
) anyway, I am going to say pullet for now. Those look like saddle feathers though, but the comb is not large or red enough to be a cockerel. So I'm only 75% sure.
Your bird looks exactly like some EE pullets, reaching POL (I hope), I have. They were bought as 1 day old sexed pullets. I was sure one was a roo because of a long curved tail feather, but that fell out and she is definitely a girl.
My EE's (have several older) have longer tails than some of my other breeds.)
The pullet answers make me happy...I had 7 chickens...2 have died and out of the 5 left, 3 are roosters. :( I was afraid 4 were roosters-- so I am glad I can at least keep two of them.
Looks like a pullet. Males usually get red spotchy coloring, and have three-row pea combs. Your bird does not have these characteristics.

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