12-13 week old Ameracauna? Rooster?

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May 20, 2012
When we bought these two we were told they were Blue Wheaton Ameracaunas...what do you think?

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Those are both roosters. Sorry
They're really pretty though
They are about 14 weeks old. Do you know if these are indeed Ameracaunas? The only Ameracauna I say like these two on the internet was called an eagle Ameracauna - which is what we call these two - they do look like eagles.

Here is an iphone image of one of their faces.

Yes, they appear to be Ameraucanas, and they are cockerels, but to me, they look more Wheaten, not blue Wheaten, in the pictures--I'm not great with seeing the difference, though I've owned a blue Wheaten Ameraucana cockerel myself.

NovAman, they don't have big combs because Ameraucanas have pea combs and don't have wattles, as such.

Something about their leg color seems really off, though, but could be the photos

Females of that color are very, very different in their coloration, much lighter.

Here is a link to a Wheaten Ameraucana pullet off Feathersite so you can see what I mean:

Here was my blue wheaten Ameraucana, Levi--Hbuehler in TN now owns him:

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Yeah, that's what I was thinking, that the legs were off color, though the body type and color seemed right for the wheaten family of Ameraucana. Even the color seems not quite right, but I'm not an expert on the wheaten/blue wheatens, though I've had a male or two.

Go here and look at the far right column. You'll see links to pics of all the colors of both male and female Ameraucanas. You really need to see the females in the wheaten family to see what I mean.

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