12+ Assorted Hatching Eggs--4 each + 2; Orps, Birchen Marans, Silkies and Seramas

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    This posting is for 12 plus 2 extra eggs (if available). You will be receiving 4 Buff Orp; 4 B-Class Serama and 4 Assorted Silkie hatching eggs along with 2 bonus Birchen Maran eggs. They may have a little dirt on them which does not harm their viability in any way. Do not wash the eggs as this will compromise your hatch rate. I ship USPS priority mail. Shipping and handling rate is to the continental US only. I line each box with aluminum foil to help deflect potential x-raying by USPS—this does help. Each egg will be wrapped in a cylinder with the large end of the egg upright and open so it can breathe. However sometimes accidents do happen and I cannot be responsible for USPS handling.
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