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12 Assorted "Rainbow Colors Collection" hatching eggs

Discussion in 'Chicken Hatching Eggs' started by Illia, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. Illia

    Illia Crazy for Colors

    Oct 19, 2009
    Forks, WA
    12 Assorted hatching eggs of varied colors, will hatch out to be various breeds and mutts that will also lay various colors of eggs and will complement your flock with some very unusual and beautiful plumage variations! This is a dozen for someone truly interested in adding a little splash of color to their yard!

    These eggs will be available every week until the season is too late (mid or late summer) depending on weather. These eggs are collected no later than 3 days before shipment, and are packed well in foam inserts.

    These are $32 per dozen, shipping price included regardless of your location.
    I accept payments via PayPal.
    PM me to make an order.
    The next dozen is available to ship out Tuesday, May 29th..

    These eggs may include the following, but vary each week.

    F1 Olive Eggers ( some are Araucana x French Marans, some are Marans/Marans/Polish X Ameraucana/Polish, some are Marans/Marans/Polish x Araucana )

    F2 Olive Eggers ( F1 x F1 OE's of different parentage, bred from Araucanas and French Marans both Wheaten and Black Copper. Will lay blue, green, olive green, slate gray, plum purple, dark reddish brown, gold, or oddly speckled/multi-colored eggs )

    Easter Eggers ( Ameraucana based, all will be various shades of blue layers, will come in various colors including mottled, mille fleur, buff, wheaten, brown-red, and gold laced Frizzles included! )

    Polish ( assorted colors including Buff Laced, Tolbunt split, Sex-Linked Tolbunt split, Tolbunt, Mottled, White Crested Black, Gold Spangled, and Black. Great layers of snow white eggs. Frizzles included! )

    French Marans mixes ( some may be purebred Wheatens, others will be 3/4 Marans, 1/4 Polish and will lay brown, terra cotta, plum purple, or speckled dark reddish brown eggs )

    Araucanas ( the purebred rumpless tufted kind. These eggs will NOT give you any lethal issues. These are from assorted colors, duckwing and blue cuckoo, and lay some beautiful bright blue eggs )

    All of the above are very friendly, never have shown aggression, and are good to superb foragers. They will all make excellent pets or even dual purpose birds. All lay very large eggs except for the Easter Eggers, Polish, and Araucanas. If you prefer to not have a specific breed or mutt included, let me know in your PM. I get enough eggs to replace a few with something else of your preferance.

    The eggs you receive will be marked, so don't worry, it isn't a complete surprise - I will mark what eggs are what, as some look the same but will hatch out different breeds/mutts.

    Questions, Comments, Want more Photos? - Feel free to PM me. [​IMG]
    Last edited: May 19, 2012

  2. ReikiStar

    ReikiStar Songster

    What a great mix! I've always admired your avatar. Wish we had room to add more. But if someone is just getting started with a flock, this would be an awesome way to do it. Thanks for offering such a neat collection.
  3. Mrs. Fluffy Puffy

    Mrs. Fluffy Puffy Fluffy Feather Farm

    Jan 26, 2010
    Texas, Panhandle
    Drooling! I may need to bookmark this page and get back to you when I have some money.

    ~ Aspen
  4. 1000islandspoultry

    1000islandspoultry In the Brooder

    Jun 6, 2011
    Just what I was looking for! pm'd you
  5. kwinnypoo

    kwinnypoo Chirping

    Mar 28, 2012
    Love it!

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