12+ Bantam Assortment (NPIP)


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12 (plus extra) Bantam Assortment hatching eggs.

Breeds currently available:
Bantam Lavender Ameraucana
Bantam White Ameraucana
Bantam Dominique
Mille Fleur d'Uccle

You can choose one breed or any combination of the available breeds.

Price includes shipping. Paypal only.

U.S. Pullorum - Typhoid Clean / U.S. AI Clean
NPIP #55-1071

Eggs are carefully packaged and mailed via USPS Priority Mail. Each egg is individually bubble wrapped so they have the best possible chance for arrival to your door unbroken. We guarantee fresh, fertile eggs, but cannot be responsible for hatch rate due to shipping or incubation variables. We prefer to ship on Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays to ensure timely delivery.

Paypal is the only method of payment accepted at this time.

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I see pictures of everything but the Dominique Bantams, which I am most interested in. Can you tell me what lines they are from and perhaps share some photos? If I bought an assortment could I possibly get mostly Dominique eggs?


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If your on the fence about these eggs! Let me make up your mind for you!
It took these eggs nearly 5 days to reach me here in fairbanks Alaska the box was damaged but the eggs were not.
Skeptical due to their long journey I let them set at room temp over night and set them in my hovabator in the morning.
Well 7 days later I candled and bam!
All 8 bantam RIR eggs are showing progress!!!!
6 out of 7 LAM show progress!!!

These suckers are hardy.

This is My best growth rate on shipped eggs yet!

I highly recommend her eggs and will sing her praises high and low.

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