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9 Years
May 22, 2010
Up for your consideration are 12+ assorted color eggs from my show winning bearded Silkie bantam flock. Eggs will ship priority on Monday, 10/4. Colors available are partridge, buff, black, blue/splash & white if the hens continue to lay. The black pen is not laying much, so I may not have many of these. Please, no color choice - I will send an assortment and always try to include eggs of each color, but cannot honor requests for just one or two colors. The flock is NPIP certified and AI tested clean. I do show my birds and have won BB at my last 2 shows as well as many BVs and RVs. A pullet hatched from a white pair I sold was recently named Grand Champion at the Wa. County Fair in Oregon. I've been getting some really nice chicks this year and all the birds pictured were hatched from the same breeding flocks your eggs will come from. The silkies in my breeding flocks are all carefully chosen for their own individual merits and even more importantly, their ability to produce quality offspring. I do pack eggs extremely well and my customers are reporting good success. A lot of my customers are returning for more eggs, which makes me very happy:) Please be prepared to pay via paypal at auction's end - no e-checks please as they take too long to clear. You can see more of my silkies at http://www.catdancesilkies.com. Thank you for looking.

Best of Breed, White pullet 12/09

Best of Breed, Splash pullet, PNPA show, April 2010

Reserve of Breed, Black pullet, 12/09

Best Variety, Partridge pullet, PNPA show, April 2010

Some of this year's youngsters:

The same chick as pictured above - a young man now. Congratulations to Jen in Oregon on her purchase of this beautiful cockerel:)

Hatched by Three Cedars Silkies in Florida:

Hatched by Jen in Ohio

Hatched by Christine in Oregon:


A stunning white cockerel hatched in March - watch for him at the shows!

Is shipping for sure $15? Also is there a pretty good amount of whites still laying? How are your hatch rates?
Shipping is set at $15 although it sometimes costs me more than that to get them shipped as the boxes generally weight between 3.5 and 4 lbs by the time I get everything wrapped and packed. My customers are reporting very good hatch rates for shipped eggs, usually better than 50%. The whites are laying quite well right now - only the blacks are a bit slow, but do expect to be able to include some blacks in this shipment too. I try to send an equal amount of each color. Thanks for you interest and good luck:)

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