12+ blue laced red Brahma project hatching eggs

big medicine

custom Brahmas
10 Years
Mar 6, 2009
These are a more recent side shoot to my silver laced Brahma project. This is my first time offering hatching eggs, a trial run of sorts. These birds have the gentle, laid back Brahma temperment. The breeding pen consists of 5 blue laced hens, 7 black laced hens, 2 splash blue columbian hens, 1 black laced cock, and 2 blue laced cockerels. The chicks should range from black to blue to splash laced red pullets and cockerels with the possible blue or splash laced silver/red cockerel out of the 2 splash hens. I plan to wrap each egg in bubble wrap. The picture of the pair are from when these birds were young, the shot of them on the roost is current. I have set up a PayPal account. I only did this as a three day auction to get the eggs out early in the week.
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You have produced some beautiful birds big medicine. I love both your silver laced and the blue laced reds. You are one dedicated breeder!

Now I just wish my bators weren't full!
My wife has had some descriptive terms for my "hobby", I don't remember the word dedicated being used. Thank you

I'm in southwest Ohio.
Oh gosh! these are the ones I've been waiting on since I talked to you at Nationals!! WHOOT!!

I'll be back!!!!
This shot has all the males, the old black laced cock goes back to before the wyandotte blood came in. He's in there because of the size he brings.


This one shows some of the blue laced pullets, and a splash blue columbian, darker blue in front.


A shot from a couple months ago I kind of like. This cockerel is not as well laced in the breast, but has a better build and type.
Probably, but I will be asking a good bit more for them. This is a test run on the blue laced eggs, get the bugs worked out, at a reduced starting price. I hope that doesn't come off as arrogent, but you have to understand how much I have invested in getting the silver laced birds to this point.

Took a few more shots this afternoon after it clouded up, not so bright and washed out.
Some of the black laced hens.

Some of the blue laced pullets.


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