12 Buff Brahma Eggs


In the Brooder
11 Years
Jan 7, 2009
I Have 12 Buff Brahma Eggs That I Can Sell. These Hens Are Laying Very Good. Big Brown Eggs.
You Can Email Me For Pictures. I Don't Know How To Use The Image Link. I'm Still A Rookie To Computors.
It's Does Not Seem To Be Like The One On Craigslist. I Have Been Shipping Eggs Now For 5 Years And Few Complaints.
I Also Have 16 Other Breeds Of Chickens That I Can Sell Eggs From.
Thanks, Randy.
what other breeds do you have?
dont worry about photo you wont be able to upload photos till you are passed the "new egg" phase which takes 25-30 posts or so to reach the just hatched status

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